Upmewhale Writing Contest: Effect Of Climatic Change On Humans

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Wow, didn't know there is a contest going on and I hope am not too late to join. This is my entry to @upmewhale contest about Global warning and climate change.



What is climate change?

First of all, we need to understand the meaning of what we want to discuss about. Climate change refers to changes that occur to earth surface temperature, the changes are majorly caused by we humans, the world is really expanding and developing everyday, highly technologies tools and chemical are been used which most times are really harmful and can cause different damages to the earth surface. Back in school, we were told that climatic changes occur due to human use of fossil fuels which liberate out carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which most times when trapped have lot of harmful effects on the ecosystem. For the fact that humans being is dependent on his environment but that doesn't mean it should be use to the point of degradation.

Let me use my country for instance, the rate at which things are done here at time is very alarmy, we humans are truly the cause of our own problem, lot of pollution both air and land even water, Deforestation, bush burning and do on. We all can testify that forest store lot of carbon due to the absorption of carbon dioxide by trees and plant from the atmosphere but when deforestation and burning of forest start occuring, this carbon are released back to the atmosphere in form of carbon dioxide which can be harmful to us. According to research, 4.8 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide are released yearly to the atmosphere due to loss of forest globally. Just imagine how many damage that will be causing yearly.

According to the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), a leading green group, 32 million acres of tropical rainforest were cut down each year between 2000 and 2009—and the pace of deforestation is only increasing. “Unless we change the present system that rewards forest destruction, forest clearing will put another 200 billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere in coming decades…,” says EDF.

Many don't really understand the effect of Deforestation and it contribution to climate change due to lack of education or maybe ignorance. The rate at which trees were been cut down without any means of planting them back also bring more harm to the soil there by exposing them to too much temperature which can lead to soil dryness and have great effect on agriculture. Also burning of bush which kills all the vital organisms in the soil and also released more carbon.




The cities are one of the major cause of pollutions because of different chemical factories or industries which always release harmful chemical into the air, when we are talking about air pollution here in Nigeria, Lagos state is the number one due to lot of industries established in very corner of the state. We always refer it as a city without pure air. I do have some people who are always afraid to really stay long in Lagos because of pollution majorly, yet no solution to solve the air pollution problem.

Others causes.

  • fossils fuels

  • intensive farming

  • waste disposal

  • over consumption

How can this be solved.

We are the major cause of all this because we couldn't manage the natural gift we have properly, so we should also find means to put an end to it. To eradicate deforestation, Government are now putting ban on felling of trees and encouraging more planting of trees which will really have great effect on the soil. They are also training and giving proper education to people inorder for them to know how this things are really affecting the eco system. Most don't know that dumping of plastic, polythene bags and inorganic substance randomly at the river side can lead to flood which can destroy farmlands, houses and even wash away the top soil. Industries should also limit the amount of pollutions release into the atmosphere through proper management.

Others solitons

  • We should all learn to make use of renewable energies which include solar, winds etc. and stop making use of fossils fuels such as burning coals

  • There should be reduction of means of transportation which produce carbon dioxide and electric vehicles, carpooling should be encourage and promoted.

  • We should always learn to recycle our waste properly and avoid dumping them on the ground, street and inside the water to avoid flood.

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