The Burning Lands

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Grom walked into his hut and dropped his pickax to the floor. His mind was still full of details of the battle when he felt a tug on his shorts.

“Daddy your home”

Grom picked up his son and lifted him into the air. The memories of the battle faded a bit as he heard the laughter of his child.

“FEREXIA be blessed your home.”

Grom gazed at his wife and his heart was reminded of why he fought. Many people considered The Burning Lands to be a place full of monsters. Grom knew that wasn’t true. No one ever thinks they are the bad guy.

The rest of the night Grom spent time with his family. He had a meeting early the next morning. His wife tried to say up late with him but life was hard for her alone while he was gone. He knew that and was sorry. He closed his eyes to get some rest in his own bed.


Darth was standing in the back of them all. Malric and Zintar stood in the middle and he was wondering what this meeting was about. He knew that the next move was to clear the blight out of the Burning Lands. Yet there was something in the whispers today that made him wonder. He saw Grom enter the hall. He looked better than before. He had forgotten that the living needed things that he didn’t.

Grom looked around the hall. Darth was already there. He headed over to sit next to him. To think sitting next to a Skeleton Assassin no longer seemed odd to him.

“Do you have an idea of what this meeting is about Darth?”

“No, but it isn’t just about the battle here.”

Grom nodded his head. He was right, something else was going on here today. He looked towards the center of the tent and wait for the meeting to start.

Malric started to talk. “News of our victory has spread around the Splinterlands. Most of the other lands have reached out about info. We are not going to share what we used with the other lands unless they join us on the battlefield. So today we have another guest.”

An old man in a blue robe entered the tent. Most people didn’t know what was going on but Grom knew who that was. Alric Stormbringer wanted into the tent. He didn’t have any guards but Grom knew why. His power was a thing of legend. He could see Darth’s hand on his blade. A tension had come over the assassin.

Grom remembered now that the mages of Azmare had long been an enemy of the Dark Eternals for a long time. He could see Malric staring at his men. Making sure they didn’t move. Malric then started to speak.

“I give you Alric Stormbringer of Azmare. He is here to lead a force in the next battle. They have asked for a chance to prove themselves and we will give it to them.”

Alric looked around the tent. “I know that many of you have reason to not trust us. But the Blight is making new friends of old enemies. We are ready to work with Mortis and The Burning Lands to destroy this evil.”

The rest of the meeting went by pretty fast.


Grom headed out of the tent and back towards his home. When Darth walked up behind him. “Do you think we can trust those mages?” Darth asked

“I have heard they have lost a lot of land to the Blight. I think we can trust them to fight by us until that land is free,” replied Grom

Darth nodded and walked away. Grom knew that the next battle would be important. If the three armies could work together it would change the war for sure. He knew that he would have the same mission this time. To kill the support units and Summoners of the blight. Yet he had a new plan. He already knew that the blight could learn. Tomorrow he would meet with the units and explain the plan. Then in a week, the battle would start.

Grom’s new team was Fire Beetles, Twister Jesters, Pirate Captains, Skeleton Assassins, Elven Cutthroats, and his team. The plan was pretty simple the ranged units would strike first. Drawing away the guards. Then the other units would move in to kill the support units then help kill the guards. This group would move slower but have the power to kill bigger groups. He knew the Summoners wouldn’t be alone again.
He spent the next few days training the team. Word had come that the blight was amassing more units in The Burning Land area they held. It was starting to look like the battle might come to them. Grom liked that idea. His group could sneak past them easier if they blight was trying to push forward. The battle was coming soon and he was ready.


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This is an excellent story! @steemmonsters check it out!

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I am glad you enjoyed it. I hope to finish this storyline just thinking more about how to do the next battle.

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