North Cascades National Park - A Tale of Two Trips Separated by Time, Connected by Photography - Part 2

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Hello all! This is part 2 of my post about a couple trips I took to the North Cascades of Washington state. Part 1 can be found here. In this final installment I will cover the western side of the park and it will include pictures taken by my dad in 1974 and ones I took in 2016. Some of them are attempted re-creations and those will be shown side by side.

One of the first views coming down off of Rainy Pass is Crater Peak. As I said in part 1 the days were very hazy, I was inexperienced and I had a hard time making some of these shots viewable. Luckily Lightroom was there to help. :)

Looking out across Ross Lake. The water right below these shots is the Ruby Arm of the lake. The jagged peak in the distance is Hozomeen Mountain. I think the mountain in front is Desolation Peak where American novelist and poet Jack Kerouac spent a summer manning a fire lookout. Here is a link with more information about his time on the peak.

Here is a re-creation of me standing at an overlook with Ross Dam in the background. Luckily for you guys I only take re-creation shots so far and did not opt for the same attire. :) Photo taken by my girlfriend.

I don't remember a lot about the 1974 trip. I do remember my predominant attitude as a teenager was one of wanting to be with my friends and hoping to be back home soon. Not an unusual thing but looking back now I cringe at my attitude. I would give anything to be able to spend some more time with my parents... take the road less traveled, talk, be in nature. All things I enjoy now but couldn't understand as well then.

A look at Diablo Lake with Diablo Dam in the distance. The brilliant color is caused by ground up sediment from glacial runoff.

Diablo Dam now and then.

Here are a couple more shots of Diablo Dam my dad took in 1974. I was unable to find a spot to get a comparable shot. Most everything was extremely overgrown in this area.

Some more images of mine from around the lake and dam.

Click images for larger view

Photos labeled "@oldmans" taken by me with a Nikon D3300 except where noted. Photos labeled "@oldmans dad" taken by my father with an unknown camera. Both sets of photos contain some Lightroom post processing.

Thanks for looking and enjoy your day!


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Thank you!

Thanks for part two of your trip - I like these now and then photos, where you can see how the places have changed and the trees have grown - really cool.

I think, we have all been the same when we were kids. Now, that we are older and have our own children, we think back and wished we had spent more time with our parents, but I think that parents understand ;)

Thanks again for sharing the photos, @oldmans 😊


Thank you, it was fun trying to find those old places and line up the shots. :)

Yeah, you are right it is just a normal right of passage for a teenager. I remember understanding that better when my kids went through that stage.

I think scanning in all my parents old slides and seeing the images again made me a little melancholy. Especially since they were no longer around to talk about them. In the end it was a very rewarding experience and helped me reconnect with my past. :)

Yes, I thought, that some places would have been quite hard to find, and some might even have not been there anymore.

My son is so very the same as I was in his age. I can understand my parents much better now, and I can also understand him and his sometimes !DERANGED behaviour ;)

Looking through the old family photos is always something I enjoy - some photos are funny and some make you think...
There was no photographer in our family, so I only have "normal" family photos ;) lol

I did a lot of pre-searching with Google Earth. It helped a lot. :)

My kids are 30 now but I do remember them "leaving" me for a while but they are back now. lol.

It can definitely stir up some emotions viewing the old images.

I use Google earth a lot too, when I plan to visit a new location. It's a great tool :)

My twins are only 17, what means, they are still at home, but I know, what you mean - they are here but most times not really somehow ;)

As long as everybody is still with us old photos are fun to view, but I can imagine, if beloved people, which are already gone, are in the photos it can get very emotional.


Wow! Small world, my kids are twins also. Boy and girl or I guess I should say man and woman now. :)

Cool, mine are boy and girl too - with 17 they are still boy and girl, at least for me 😉


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