Sweet Child of Mine : Digital Art by @xpilar (Competition 71)

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Digital art made by and used in connection with permission of contest owner @xpilar

The image is made of own imagination and thoughts (competition 71) "we are testing our new community WORLD OF XPILAR"

Write a story based on my digital art above.

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Ditching school sounded like a good idea at the time. But as with all decisions made in haste, the consequences didn't immediately began to crystallize.

Drenna didn't want to go to school. She'd made that clear to her parents. Explaining what she actually wanted to do with her time was useless. "What does ABC and 123s have to do with the knowledge I need," she uttered, while protesting. But she was stuck. And she didn't know what to do. She didn't want to fill her brain with that nonsense. A clear mind was essential to receiving the instructions required for her safe return.

Image by stux from Pixabay

It has been a year since she came to live with the people who now call themselves her parents. They agreed to take care of her because she was so sweet and adorable. Insisting she enroll in school was a must to ward off suspicious, nosy neighbors. Brenna understood. That didn't mean she had to sit there and listen.

Next morning, her mom marched her back to school and insisted she apologize to the teacher. In the middle of class, Brenna heard a ringing sound. Her spirit dropped as she realized it was the school bell signaling lunchtime. She turned to stare out the window.

Image by KokomoCole from Pixabay

Brenna grew weary as she lay awake each night anxious about the coming morning. "I wish tomorrow to be the day I get to go home," she added to her prayers. But her prayers went unanswered.

Finishing her after-school chores, she gathered up the materials she needed and headed out to the site. She continued this each night thereafter, disappearing for a couple of hours. No signal. But she still returned. She wasn't going to give up. She couldn't. She had calculated the exact date and time for her family to come get her. She wasn't going to miss it.

Copy of Copy of Happy Holiday.png
Image created in Canva by @justclickindiva

Then six months later, Brenna woke in the middle of the night startled by a screeching noise. The static interrupted the handcrafted speakers. Her navigator sensor blinked rapidly as she attempted to lock onto the signal. Suddenly, it stopped blinking and pulsated a solid white glow that penetrated her cornea. By the time the cells in the retina absorbed and converted the light to impulses, she already knew she was going home.

She grabbed her backpack. Her parents, hearing the commotion, jumped into action. They knew the drill. Her dad packed up the car while her mom made sure she didn't leave anything behind. Once they arrived at the site, they waited a distance out of site to make sure she was safe. She didn't need it, and they knew. Nevertheless, they were her loving parents, if only for a while.

A half hour passed. Brenna sat smiling as she again locked onto the signal illuminating from the half-opened eye forming in the night sky. She picked up her backpack and other worldly items her mom sent with her. Looking back, she waived goodbye.

Copy of Happy Holiday.png
Image created in Canva by @justclickindiva

"Sweet child of mine," her mom sighed, as she hugged her husband, then both made their way back to the highway to head home.

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Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.

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I entered this contest aswell and isnt it great to let all the imagination and the thoughts lead a way to writing a blog. Nice entry

Yes, it is. Found the contest by accident. Good contest for our Redfish as an inspiration for writing.

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Hi @justclickindiva

Thanks for the great story and great combination with the pictures


Your digital art as the background was awesome @xpilar. The moment I saw the bright white light that looked like the center of an eye opening, the picture grabbed me. It felt like something was on the other side trying to contact me. Therein lies my story. And since it was International Women's Day, viola.

Thanks for your words of support. I joined your Community also. Good luck with it.

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Great story to go with the photo @justclickindiva!

Hello @redheadpei. Thanks for taking time to stop in. I couldn't resist the opportunity to use my already half-started draft for another story I intended for the girl sitting under the tree in the moonlight. I missed the deadline of that contest, so I just saved it hoping I could use it later.

I find pictures that speak to me and then build a story around them. I've always started that way. Thankful for SteemPeak I can find numerous pics and start a beginning paragraph on the spur of what the picture inspired in me. Then save the story for later. Sometimes I'll get a prompt, then go find a story I already started to fit. Makes it a bit easier if I'm in a crunch that day. I'll look at the pic and story I started and wondered what the heck was I thinking when I wrote that, lol.

Appreciate your kind words and support. Take care.

Hi @justclickindiva

My digital image competitions have no deadline, so it is also possible to choose other images I have had in previous competitions.
It allows writers to use images they like to use their imagination and create a story. hehe i should probably add that information to my competitions

Hi @xpilar. Thanks for letting me know there is no deadline and we can utilize your other pictures. My first love is fiction, so that fits me perfectly with just the right picture. One look at a picture, and it "talks" to me, drawing me in and sending me in another direction.

Appreciate you giving steemians the opportunity with this venture and for allowing use of your picture. You create amazing and imaginative digital art.

Most welcome. You have a good system worked out @justclickindiva.

Blessings and have a lovely rest of the week. 💕

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