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(Terraday, cont.)

Varkevand – Ilim City Public Library

Lidzi was surprised to catch a glimpse of Saara heading towards the city library with a man she didn’t recognize. Was this the guy she was dating?

Under her lavender cloak, Saara was wearing some tight-fitting pants and a long fitted top that looked elegant and expensive.

She pulled the leya around herself as she followed at a safe distance. She was pretty sure she hadn’t been seen. A moment later, she could almost not see her friend. Saara seemed to be completely cloaked – far better than anyone else she’d seen at the Complex. In fact, had Lidzi not caught that first glimpse, she was certain she wouldn’t have seen Saara now.

What did that mean? Was she doing something she shouldn’t be?

She concentrated on some things she could look up in the public records as she followed Saara and the man. As she remained near, she wished she had the ability to listen from a distance.

Saara sat side by side with Viper as they looked at various records. He showed her how he was able to flick through an incredible amount of information in just moments.

“Nothing there,” he said before moving on to a different index. “There’s some information that you can probably get that I can’t,” he said.

All at once, his mouth was on hers again, in a deep kiss. His moustache scratched roughly against her upper lip, but she didn’t care. Viper’s hands wandered into her shirt, then up to find her soft nipples which instantly hardened for him. Saara felt an erotic mixture of invasion, sensuality and strangely aroused, making out in a public place as they were.

<We’re being watched,> he explained to her mind, as if that explained everything.

Saara tried to open up her senses, even as she was engaged in the kiss, his hands and tongue distracting her from everything else.

“Lidzi Landry,” she said very quietly. “My friend.”

“She’s very nosy,” he said into her ear.

“She’s worried about me,” Saara said.

“She needs to mind her own business,” Viper said. “I’ll make her stop watching.”

“How?” Saara asked.

“Sit on my lap and kiss me,” he suggested.

Saara straddled his lap on the chair and began kissing him desperately.

Viper’s hand went up her thigh, then caressed her buttocks through the expensive fabric, squeezing her against him.

Saara could feel him hardening beneath her. She wondered how it would feel inside her before she could close that thought away again.

“Keep thinking it,” he suggested into her ear.

Saara could feel Lidzi’s revulsion as she turned away and left. The plan had worked. She felt Viper working on the HPS, his arms around her.

“I rather like you there,” he said, nipping her ear with his lips. “Got it!” he said. “It would seem that your abári has some rather unsavory connections with all kinds of bizarre people.”

Saara felt the shock. “Why would Ryonis be involved in things like that?”

“Money? A’mara don’t make much, do they?”


“Well then. Ryonis gets plenty of money to ensure the kite festival doesn’t happen,” Viper said.

“You’re joking!” she exclaimed, feeling angry.

“Take a look yourself!” he retorted. “Or you can just keep sitting there on my lap.”

She didn’t move, watching his handsome face instead, remembering his taste, knowing how that bearded chin felt against hers.

“I think it might be good to see where else he might be getting money from. I have to hack into the A’mara computers for that, of course. It would be best if you did that.”

“I don’t know how to do that,” Saara said, wondering what secrets would be found.

“That’s why we’re sitting at the library. If I get discovered, it’s just the library.”

“Except that Lidzi has seen us here.”

“Unless she’s the most gifted telepath ever, she has no idea what we’re doing!” Viper said. “Even in Varkevand, this gift would be exceptional.”

He went quiet, typing away.

“I’m in,” he said into her ear a minute later. “This is really not good!”


“I think it’s most of what we thought – Ryonis is in deep. He might even be Yerdua, for all I can tell!” Viper said.

Saara couldn’t suppress the shudder.

“I will keep you safe,” he murmured into her ear, kissing it. Then he turned back to the screen. “I’m just saving what we find...”

Saara nodded and leaned forwards against him.

“You shouldn’t do that,” he whispered. “Not until your blood is done, anyway.”

She felt his hardness grow beneath her.

“We’re also in a public place.” Into her ear, he added, “Of course, there are ways to get around that too.”

Saara found herself blushing.

“Flypp it!” he muttered. He turned his attention back to her, meeting her lips hungrily.

<What’s wrong?> she asked mentally as she met his tongue enthusiastically.

<I was kicked out,> he replied. His hands invaded her clothing again. Inside her waistband, Viper’s hands felt the smooth skin of her hip, then her butt-cheek.

<Public place,> she reminded, even as her body demanded more.

“Hey! Take that outside!” came the voice of a librarian who was rapidly approaching.

Viper lifted Saara back to standing. He apologized quickly to the librarian and led Saara out.

Lidzi Landry thought about what she’d just seen.

After getting an eye full of their passion and sensing Saara’s lustful feelings for the man, Lidzi had left and gone down to where the library monitors were. For the next hour or so, she had sat watching the amorous couple as the man worked the HPS unit.

Whenever the man had spoken, it was into Saara’s ear, so she couldn’t see lips or hear anything, but the display showed that he was researching something within the Complex.

Saara hadn’t even been watching the display. Then, there was the screen that Lidzi had seen before – indicating that they’d been thrown out of the Complex holonet network.

Moments later, the couple had resumed their passion, prompting a librarian to kick them out of the building.

Quickly, Lidzi got the recording on her flyppcard. Ryonis had to see it without delay. Maybe he would know who the man was.

Waiting long enough to avoid running into Saara and her lover, Lidzi hurried back to the Complex.



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