Çãêlūm Îñfērñüm

Still searching for my Heaven
One Must Still Have Chaos In Oneself To Be Able To Give Birth To A Dancing Star. Frederick Nietzsche
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
NEOXAG can be converted to NEOXAG POWER in a process called staking.
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-190.821 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Curation reward: 0.00001173 NEOXAG for olawalium/power-of-love-over-love
Curation reward: 0.00001498 NEOXAG for iamraincrystal/that-time-of-the-week-again-or-larryisalive
Author reward: 0.00000343 NEOXAG for caelum1infernum/re-janesuiren-20221122t72310924z
Curation reward: 0.00000603 NEOXAG for olawalium/hard-to-understand
Curation reward: 0.00001347 NEOXAG for hopestylist/when-it-ends
Curation reward: 0.00000420 NEOXAG for hopestylist/it-pays-to-be-diligent
Curation reward: 0.00001854 NEOXAG for iamraincrystal/its-monday-time-to-play-ball-or-larryisalive
Curation reward: 0.00001215 NEOXAG for olujose6/let-s-make-a-collage-da46ec61c6bb9
Author reward: 0.01838134 NEOXAG for caelum1infernum/re-olawalium-20221121t15424187z
Author reward: 0.00000265 NEOXAG for caelum1infernum/re-janesuiren-20221121t145824529z
Author reward: 0.00000252 NEOXAG for caelum1infernum/re-janesuiren-20221121t5433989z
Curation reward: 0.00005751 NEOXAG for termitemusic/termite-kicking-swans-86-8bpm
Curation reward: 0.00002363 NEOXAG for dbooster/autumn-in-the-valley-beauty-of-japan
Author reward: 0.02239178 NEOXAG for caelum1infernum/re-olawalium-20221121t42019882z
Curation reward: 0.00080467 NEOXAG for balikis95/not-knowing
Curation reward: 0.00010457 NEOXAG for janesuiren/offgrid-plans
Curation reward: 0.00000394 NEOXAG for hopestylist/the-light-has-come-wicked
Curation reward: 0.00012844 NEOXAG for olawalium/happy-birthday-sugar-mummy
Curation reward: 0.00002327 NEOXAG for dbooster/straight-hole-haiku-of-japan
Curation reward: 0.00000731 NEOXAG for phoenixwren/re-taskmaster4450-rlk10c
Curation reward: 0.00003976 NEOXAG for taskmaster4450/5-reason-why-hive-will-hit-dollar100
Curation reward: 0.00000913 NEOXAG for amakauz/shadow-hunters-smash-contest-round-802cfe4dee17e
Curation reward: 0.00000338 NEOXAG for balikis95/re-caelum1infernum-20221117t15452696z
Curation reward: 0.00000333 NEOXAG for balikis95/re-caelum1infernum-20221117t5422240z
Author reward: 0.00500465 NEOXAG for caelum1infernum/re-consciouscat-20221117t43534682z
Curation reward: 0.00001169 NEOXAG for jmis101/queercoin-weekly-topic-contest-crypto
Curation reward: 0.00005217 NEOXAG for olujose6/shadow-hunters-community-contest-round
Author reward: 0.01441413 NEOXAG for caelum1infernum/re-olawalium-20221116t134214443z
Curation reward: 0.00002654 NEOXAG for ironshield/we-are-alive-november-15th
Curation reward: 0.00001917 NEOXAG for balikis95/he-had-left
Author reward: 0.01370741 NEOXAG for caelum1infernum/re-olawalium-20221115t16193217z
Author reward: 0.01337952 NEOXAG for caelum1infernum/re-olawalium-20221115t161827252z
Curation reward: 0.00000392 NEOXAG for hopestylist/customer-privilege
Curation reward: 0.00001209 NEOXAG for jmis101/my-entry-to-let-s-872eeb48ac3ce
Curation reward: 0.00000402 NEOXAG for olawalium/give-hive-the-high-five
Author reward: 0.01430631 NEOXAG for caelum1infernum/re-olawalium-20221115t0057181z
Curation reward: 0.00001094 NEOXAG for olujose6/let-s-make-a-collage-a8cc84bf1e668
Curation reward: 0.00001152 NEOXAG for jmis101/pjgsyefj
Author reward: 0.01835773 NEOXAG for caelum1infernum/re-olawalium-20221114t53836383z
Curation reward: 0.00000263 NEOXAG for olawalium/3bsfvn-where-is-the-love
Curation reward: 0.00000405 NEOXAG for hopestylist/efxzsgds
Curation reward: 0.00003398 NEOXAG for hopestylist/parenting-and-food-security
Curation reward: 0.00000326 NEOXAG for olawalium/re-caelum1infernum-20221112t205949582z
Author reward: 0.01678069 NEOXAG for caelum1infernum/re-olawalium-20221113t05843814z
Author reward: 0.01718667 NEOXAG for caelum1infernum/re-gingerup-20221113t0533697z
Author reward: 0.03419842 NEOXAG for caelum1infernum/re-olawalium-20221112t23157467z
Author reward: 0.01069098 NEOXAG for caelum1infernum/re-dbooster-20221112t22597834z
Curation reward: 0.00003281 NEOXAG for olawalium/strive-to-be-better
Author reward: 0.00414893 NEOXAG for caelum1infernum/re-slobberchops-20221112t181977z
Curation reward: 0.00003298 NEOXAG for slobberchops/tales-of-the-urban-explorer-st-julies-catholic-high-school
Received stake of 0.00045865 NEOXAG from neoxiantoken
Received 0.00045865 NEOXAG from neoxiantoken Here are your claimed tokens! (0.000459 more NEOXAG were added to NEOXAG POWER)
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Received stake of 0.04068636 NEOXAG from neoxiantoken