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RE: Railway bridge and lush green woodland walk

in Haveyoubeenhere4 months ago

You're lucky to have so much lush green and that's because you don't have summer, I mean 37 - 40C temperatures, to burn out everything. Looks like a really nice place to spend the day.


Is that how hot it gets in Romania?!! I can't handle that even though I live in Asia for a long time. Hope you're getting out a bit now that summer is here

Yes, it can get quite hot here, and cold as well. I'd say it's ranging between -25C and +40C. Even though it's summer, it's still quite chilly.

I hope you're making the most too :)

-25!!!! That's a massive swing. Crazy!!!

Is that how hot it gets in Romania?!!

And in most of central and eastern European countries.
I am from Hungary (one of the neighbors of Romania), and we have similar temperature ranges to Romania.

We need some of that heat over here!