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RE: Railway bridge and lush green woodland walk

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"...vandalised with wannabe graffitis..." trust me I get you, I had more than enough of them around my birthplace through the years. You reminded me of a guy I met years ago as he asked me (kindly) why I take pictures of his house. I told him I had no idea he's the owner but it breaks my heart to see one of the very few old nice houses still left around to be victim of asses with sprays. He then told me the whole story of what he's going through with repainting the house a zillion times only to become a mess days later. If only they had a bit of taste at least like other artists do. I think I posted that incident, hard to find it as I can't remember when.


did you pin it on Pinmapple? That how I find my travel posts. Other than that, it's hopeless to find any post 😟

Oh no that was years ago on my blogspot. I have to dig deep as I wasn't tagging them:) I'll try though.