My 2022 Hive Goals - week 14

My 2022 Hive Goals - week 13

Welcome to my series where I attempt to explain my current hive investment strategies and how they are currently performing in the volatile crypto market. It has been a busy few weeks, dumping most of my liquidity pools, working on efficiency in my splinterlands rental account, moving some of my outside asset into hive ecosystem for yield farming on Cub and Polycub, and the market is attempting to recover so been doing some Technical Analysis to decide where my trade money should go and was finally able to carve out some time for my articles.
Liquidity Pools

Liquidity Pools

For a while now I have been putting tokens into liquidity pools that offer rewards that I want, like UTOPIS token, often taking a lower APR to get that reward. Then I had one of those moments as I often do, what am I doing? If I just put it all in the higher APR pool I could buy the same tokens I was getting from the lower APR with higher returns and have returns left over. I dropped most of my Liquidity pools keeping a couple high performing ones and a couple fun ones that I just reinvest what they produce. I also bought back into a pool that I had previously dropped as I needed a place to keep tokens to be used for more chaos legion packs in the future and it turns out with the recent addition of swap fees on liquidity another angle of profit we are not currently tracking.

ONEUP:LEO - This is currently My main pool for liquidity. I currently have 0.255% percent shares in this pool with 18% bonus shares in this pool giving me 118.065% APR or about $0.065 daily rewards not much but it all adds up over time. With the changes to LEO ( about 4-10% APY for staking LEO POWER ) I can already see this changing before my next article.

SWAP.HIVE:THGAMING - My secondary Liquidity pool has a higher APR but the token is still fairly new so I am currently mostly reinvesting what I earn from the pool. There is no daily loyalty bonus either so a lesser APR pool with bonus has the possibility of overtaking it on rewards. I currently have 0.13% in this pool at 240.646% APR.

PKM:SPS - This pool I had expected a little higher APR from so right now I am reinvesting my airdrop and rewards into the pool and seeing where it goes. currently I have 0.014% in this pool which gives no bonus percent and only a 75.12% APR which will probably result in shifting some more of this pool to more profitable pools.

HIQS:BEE - This pool is also just reinvesting what it earns for now but may start shifting more of it over to the THGAMING pool. 0.031% share in this pool which also offers not bonus shares and is giving 212.323% APR.

SWAP.HIVE:DEC - Yes, I have returned to this pool as a means of earning off tokens I plan for future card pack purchases. It has a low 1.826% APR with my 0.019% with 4% bonus shares and 2.151% APR in BXT. Being in the pool also gives double my DEC worth of AD points for SPS further helping with card purchases. I suspect this pool is seeing a fair amount of traffic and will make up some more of the lower APR in swap fees.

SWAP.HIVE:PLN - This pool is part of what I refer to as my fun pool. A couple higher interest pools that I am just reinvesting what they produce to see what happens. 0.007% of this pool with 23% bonus shares giving 175.205% APR and 1% bonus added daily. This I am actually considering shifting to FLOWER:PLN that has 338.66% APR and +2% daily bonus.

NECTAR:QUEEN - This pool came from my SWAP.HIVE:PLN rewards and rewards PLN as part of its rewards. I have 0.003% of this pool with 57% Bonus shares giving a 207.947% APR. This pool add 3% bonus daily.

SWAP.USDT:PHOENIX - < 0.001% with 7% bonus shares giving an 184.005% APR and 1% daily bonus shares.

24 hour rewards from Liquidity


Posts and Curation

You know being behind and not keeping up on my posts have become so standard I think I will just start telling you when I am ahead on my posts. Trying to delegate more tokens to curators going forward as I am unable to keep up with curation and wish to support the communities and earn more tokens.


splinterlands - back down to the one account in diamond. Two accounts was time consuming and honestly there is currently more money in renting my cards than there is playing them.

Geno Pets -still waiting for a launch date or beta invite on this one.

Hash Kings - just announced staking earnings coming in next week or 2 will be saving bud rewards for that.

Dcity - accumulating a small pile of SIM to get started with earning here soon.

Yield Farming

I have been yield farming on pancake swap for a while gave it a try CAKE like a lot of other coins lost a lot of value while I was in it so figured might as well leave it there earning more CAKE while it recovers value. Recently however I have been looking around CUB and POLYCUB to discover not only does my CAKE earn at better rate there 69.45% APY VS pancake 62.51%, I also earn CUB on top of that at 5.67% APY. This CUB can be staked in its own auto compounding farm earning 60.98% APY and qualifying me for an airdrop of polycub based on my cub holdings after 60 days.
crypto value
My approximate starting value now with the CAKE and other tokens I'm showing was $7577.49 with my approximate value in hive this week being $5098.32. The difference between the start value and current value at this point is mostly due to the lost value on CAKE being that it was about $18.8 when I bought it $8.49 now. Shifting around my liquidity pools has increased my income again and a large increase in my utopis holdings has started airdropping me about 0.1 hive weekly.
crypto value


Seems like you have a solid plan and getting some nice returns form splinterlands and staking returns.

It all adds up over time.

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