My 2022 Hive Goals - Week 20

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Welcome to my series where I attempt to explain my current hive investment strategies and how they are currently performing in the volatile crypto market. The word of this week, Diversify. Problems with the projects I am involved in, declining crypto market and the LUNA/UST death spiral all remind me of one thing, never put your eggs in one basket, Diversify you investments. With that in mind I dropped most of the liquidity pool which were loosing more value than they were gaining, or taking tokens I wanted and giving me tokens I did not want. Moved some of my yield farming out of Leo Finance and back to pancake swap, for a group trying to on board new users I would have to say my new user experience was not the greatest. I have expanded my curators I know what coin I am getting from them. One last thing I would like to mention before getting into the details of the investments, there is a new scam out there where scammers are using ads to access your crypto wallets so if your meta mask opens and you do not know why do not sign it. Be safe out there
Liquidity Pools

Liquidity Pools

I have dropped most of the liquidity pools they were loosing value and APR because all the little tokens they give as rewards and none of them were really earning much fees at least nothing apparent from the cryptic info diesel pools provide. Fee Earned: $2.54 what does this represent? All time earnings? well that is useless info.

SWAP.HIVE:PLN ($1.695) - This pool is just reinvesting the PLN that I earn from liquidity pools. My portion of this pool fell a little bit from 0.007 to 0.006%. My bonus shares are now 44% giving me a 153.612% APR

NECTAR:QUEEN ($0.144) - This pool like the PLN pool is just a reinvestment of the rewards I have earned from the pools. my shares in this pool are up from 0.003% to 0.004%. Bonus shares are at 138% giving me a 169.682 APR

SWAP.HIVE:DEC ($177) - The main reason I stay in this pool is for the SPS airdrop points which end in 72 days. My shares in this pool are at 0.021%. Bonus shares are 38% giving me a 3.853% APR. We will need to pick a good exit point on this one before the 72 days so we do not loose a crap load on everyone exiting when it ends.

24 hour rewards from Liquidity


Posts and Curation

Have not been posting for a few weeks, but the plan going forward is more posts. I have also been shifting more tokens to the curators and adding more curators from the Cartel updated list. With the curators I am going to be delegating half the earned tokens back to the curator to increase my token income and the other half will be converted to HIVE or HBD depending on the direct the price of HIVE is going. As you will see on the chart below I have a few that have no delegation or not enough delegation to provide returns those will be priority to add to our diversity. Every 4 spt held = 1 SPS AD point for splinterlands on top of the curation rewards.


CuratorDelegation~ReturnCuration AccountTag


splinterlands - running an account in gold and starting a silver account waiting to see if the reward changes coming actually make it profitable to actually play the game again. Cautiously expanding my rental account.

Geno Pets -still waiting for a launch date or beta invite on this one.

Hash Kings - In the same spirit of diversification, I invested about 55 Hive into earning a passive income with Hashkings. They have essentially taken token mining and built a game around it and so far seeming to be profitable, look for a few articles on this game coming from me in the future.

Dcity - dumped this small pile of sim, seems you need a lot of sim or a couple hive to get started so when I get started in this one I will just start with a couple hive.

Yield Farming

For all their talk of on boarding new users I have so far found Leo Finance products quite disappointing from a new users perspective. The cake I moved over there for Yield farming, well their yield farm broke due to changes made to the underlying system (pancake swap), no announcement about it being broken or eta on when it would be fixed. I have moved my CAKE back to pancake swap and locked it in for 6 months. The air drop of Polycub, I was telling you all about, seems that was over a while ago, just no one felt the need to take down the page that sat you have X amount of Cub staked you will get X amount of polycub Pending Airdrop (60 days). Thats not confusing at all for on boarding new users, I would even say bordering on being deceptive. Oh and when I told you I was pulling my leo out of liquidity pools and staking because they announce that staking was getting ad revenue distributions? Turns out after some questioning in discord the final answer on that is it is coming in the distant future that no one seems to know when.

CUB - 76.765 staked on cubfinance at 59.23% APY
CAKE - 224.74741 staked on Pancake swap at 10.56 X Yield boost for 6 month lock

and my tokens from my DEC:BUSD liquidity on pancake are still earning a few cub on cubfinance.
crypto value
My approximate starting value was $7577.49 with my approximate value in hive this week being $4008.57435078 The difference between the start value and current value at this point is mostly due to the lost value on CAKE being that it was about $18.8 when I bought it and just market decrease. I did sell my liquid hive from removing liquidity pools to stable coin (HBD) when the market was crashing from the LUNA death spiral and bought back this morning about double the HIVE I had sold and it is now in profit but may be looking to exit as technical analysis is speculating this is not the bottom and it has further to go before recovery. I think My ADHD has been getting the better of me and distracting me from the goal of accumulating HIVE because it powers everything in the hive community and am starting to get refocused.
crypto value