5 x 100 Neoxian Power Giveaway Post #1

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This post is an initiative by @news-today and is meant to stimulate quality content creators to join the Tribe of Neoxian and post their content on Neoxian.city

I am giving away 5 times 100 Neoxian power to writers of quality posts.
This is not a delegation, but staked power in your account, permanently owned by you.

If you feel you got what it takes to participate you have to do the following:

  1. Write a quality post on https://www.neoxian.city and add the tags neoxian and palnet.

  2. Leave a comment with a link to your Neoxian post.

  3. Visit the Neoxian discord channel and say hi. (invitation at the bottom of this post)

I will pick 5 quality posts from the entries and stake their accounts with 100 Neoxian Power (now worth about 8 steem).
There are a few rules to this giveaway.

  1. Quality posts only, which basically means more than 1 pic and a decent amount of original text.

  2. Plagiarism leads to being banned from this giveaway for life.

  3. Only accounts with less than 1000 Neoxian power can enter the giveaway.

  4. Only 1 post per account per giveaway.

  5. No entries from multiple accounts from the same user.

  6. Do not dm me to tell me about your post or to ask for upvotes. This only annoys me and may lead to you being banned from my giveaways.

  7. Keep it civil, so no nfsw, violence, abuse or hard drugs. Cannabis posts are allowed (i am Dutch after all).

It is my intention to make this a daily giveaway, or near that. The winners of each giveaway are picked by me and the results are not open to debate. All earnings from this post are added to the giveaway prize pool, which hopefully allows me to reward more than the guaranteed 500 Neoxian (which comes out of my own pocket).

In case their are not enough quality entries, all Neoxian Power will be evenly distibuted over the picked winners.
Neoxian is a platform for all topics, so you can write about anything, as long as you obey the giveaway rules.

Posting on Neoxian works the same as on Steemit, you can log in with your Steemit account and all posts made on Neoxian appear on Steemit as well. The winners of the giveaway are picked after the post payout period.

My goal with this giveaway is to atract quality authors to the Neoxian city and add value to the Neoxian tribe.

If you want to know more about Neoxian i highly recommend that you read the following 2 posts by @zaku and @xawi.



I am looking forward to judging a lot of quality posts and meeting a lot of cool content creators.

Here's the invitation for the Neoxian Discord channel.


Good Luck and remember, i got my EYE on you.


This is nice 👍🏼

Hi, I'm a #neoxag curator.

Keep up the great initiative with #neoxag !

Thank you for participating. Gonna read your poem when i find the time.

Beautiful poem and some inspirational words.
Looking forward to one of your short stories for the next giveaway,

Thank you!

I have staked your account with 100 neoxag power. Enjoy!

Thank you!

Actually @zaku and I were talking in CK about neoxag, he sent me a link to his post and that is what got me wanting to find out more. Your post helped me find the discord group too. thanks for that!

Here is my first post on Neoxian.

Thanks for participating and welcome to the tribe. Gonna look into your post as soon as i can.

Thanks, great to be here!

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I have staked your account with 100 neoxag power. Enjoy them!

He axeman, the post should be on neoxian.city to participate.
Try again?

Thanks for your entry.
I have to say that bible texts are not my cup of tea, but i do like that you wrote about your own interpretation on those texts. I agree with some of the points you are making on education and mariage for example. Can't say i would blame Satan for that, but still.... valid points ;-)

Thank you, but basically satan was the reason all these are happening, but as a child of God we can break off every limitation.

I have staked your account with 100 neoxag power. Enjoy them.

Seen it thanks bro...

Here is my entry.

I said hi in the discord the other day.
If you wish furthur comms feel free to dm me.

He @freebornangel,

the post should be on neoxian.city to participate in the giveaway.

Apparently changing the tag doesn't cut it.
Ok, I will try to remember to tag you with a new post.

Thanks for hosting mate, will try to do my best on this one. Will post a link later. Cheers!

Thank you for your well written entry.

Exciting times with those new side chains / steem based tokens.
I agree 100% that the way Neoxagm is distributed is very smart and i have a lot of faith in both the tokens and the tribe.

I have staked your account with 100 neoxag power. Spend them wisely. ;-)

Thanks for your entry to my contest.

I was thinking to myself....mmmmhh, an app to remind me to drink water?
But my girlfriend thought it was a really handy app, so it must be my awkwardness playing up again. ;-)

I like your idea to add a local temperature functio to it. Very smart.

Thank you very much. I'm glad your girlfriend found it handy 😎. Most people tend not to drink enough.

I have staked your account with 100 neoxag power. Thanks for participating.

I have staked your account with 100 neoxag power. Thanks for your entry.

thanks! i'll keep on accumulating slowly and curating :)

Haha, i laughed my ass off.
Cool entry, thanks for participating.

The 2nd giveaway post comes later today so feel free to make a new post an enter again.

Thanks for your entry Sammie.

Good list for how to achieve success.
I would add one point and that is to always believe in yourself.
If you don't, how can you expect others to do it?

Come back again for the 2nd giveaway post.
and the 3rd
the 4th

Thats a good add but if you read the first step. Discovering yourself, you will see believing in oneself is embedded. Thanks

I have staked your account with 100 neoxag power. enjoy!

Thanks much

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Thanks for participating in my contest.
I really like your story. Paris made up of plastic debris and other floating stuff. Brilliant.

Please share this contest with your fellow story tellers.

Thank you, and count on it.
I just realized that you have active a 2 part of this contest, is it okay to post my entry here?

Yes, you can post another post (not the same) in my 2nd giveaway

You got your 100 neoxag power. Enjoy them.

Here is my entry


Thanks for the opportunity.

I have staked your account with 100 neoxag power. Thanks for participating,